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Keble GateMock Interview and Reflections

Below are links to a 30-minute mock interview which we hope will give you a better feel for the kind of ground that we cover, and for what interviews are actually like. This was filmed as a once-off take with no editing at all. Also provided are links to a shorter video in which the interviewers offer their reflections on the performance of the mock interview candidate. Again, we hope this helps to demystify the interview process for you!

Please note: The videos provided on this page are quite large. We recommend that you save the files to your local computer before viewing them where possible.

Mock Interview Article

One of your 30 minute interviews will involve discussion of an article that you read beforehand. Normally you will have 30 minutes to read this article. An example of an article that we have used in interviews before, and which we also use in the mock interview provided above, is here:

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