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There is no typical Geography student, no Oxford stereotype, and Keble Geographers are an extremely diverse group from all kinds of backgrounds.

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Below, one Keble Geography students describes ‘a day in the life of…’

A day in the life of a 2nd year Keble Geography student


8.45am- Get up and check my emails, facebook etc. Find out online where the books for this week’s reading are available. Head down to hall to catch breakfast and have a chat with a few others over a cup of tea. Walk briskly to the OUCE department for a lecture.

10am- Human geography lecture on environmental governance- make notes on the handout and try to make them vaguely readable!

11am- Now I have an hour to spare before another lecture, so I head to the Geography library & read a journal from this week’s reading list.

12pm- 2nd lecture of the day: for my option, ‘African societies & development’. This term’s lectures are on conflict, and for today’s lecture on the Rwandan genocide we are joined by some PPE students. I enjoy the lectures for the options as they look in depth at the subject areas you are interested in most.

1pm- I head to the sandwich bar ‘Taylors’ over in Jericho with a couple of friends to grab a baguette for lunch. Then it’s back to college for the typical student routine of watching Neighbours in the JCR!

2pm- I have a few hours now to head to the library and get some reading done. Starting the week’s reading is often the worst bit I find, as you have yet to get your bearings on the topic. At the moment our tutorials are on a Friday morning, which means I still have a while to get the work done, but I’m also now in the planning stages for the dissertation so there is some extra research and thinking to be doing. A couple of concentrated hours in the library allows me to get an idea about what this weeks topic is about.

4.30pm- I cycle back to college for a meeting with Ali (Keble tutor) about my dissertation thoughts/possible titles.

5pm- I head out for a run with a friend down Port Meadows, along the river. Its just 5 minutes from college and you immediately feel like you are right out in the countryside- something I really love about Oxford.

5.45pm- Shower, check and send a few emails, have a quick cup of tea on my corridor with some friends. Grab my laptop and decide to fit in some work before dinner in the college library.

7pm- Dinner in hall. Tonight is lasagne- a college favourite, so it’s fully booked! My friends and I all sit together and get some wine. There is usual chatter for about 15minutes before High Table (the warden, fellows & guests) arrive, then everyone stands for grace, and food is served!

8pm- Everyone disperses back off to their rooms. I finish off reading a journal, then meet friends in the bar at 9. We are going to a pub in town to see the ‘Oxford Imps’ perform- a student comedy group.

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