Applying to Keble College

Application Procedure

  • You can watch a video of Richard and Ali outlining the interview procedure
  • Oxford application forms are due in by the 15th October, along with your UCAS forms
  • On the Oxford Application form, you will be asked to specify your college preference – for which, if you want to come to Keble you would put ‘Keble’ as your top choice
  • For further information about the timeline and process of applying to Oxford-Keble see the Keble College application information page.

Entry Requirements

  • Offers for Geography are for A*AA  (one A grade must be in Geography but only if you do Geography as an A-level)
  • Applicants from overseas or with other educational backgrounds are welcomed – you should see the admissions sites above for further advice

Submitted Work

  • We no longer ask for any submitted work

Interview Preparation

  • There is no need to work hard in preparation for your interviews, since the tutors are looking at your potential, not at how much you already know and have learnt
  • You can watch footage of a mock interview, to get an idea of how we run things; as well as footage of Ali and Richard discussing the applicant’s performance
  • It is useful for you to have read around the subject and you need to show an interest in, and awareness of the world around you (reading the papers regularly and watching the news would be a good start in this respect)
  • Think about why you want to do Geography at Oxford, what aspects of your current Geography course you find particularly interesting
  • You should re-read your personal statement in case this is discussed
  • Above all, the most important preparation you can do just before interviews is to stay calm as panicking and not thinking before you speak are common mistakes!

The Interview Period – what happens?

  • Interviews take place outside university term time, so you are provided with a room in college and will usually stay for two nights
  • You will be well looked after by the undergraduate interview helpers who are around college and always in the Junior Common Room (JCR) to direct you, answer queries, and organise evening entertainments for interviewees. You can eat in hall with the other interviewees, and will have plenty of time around your interviews to explore the city of Oxford and speak to the student helpers about life here
  • Coming for the interviews is far more daunting in prospect than once you are actually here, and remember that everybody else will be nervous too! Also remember that we use a number of criteria in addition to the interviews in our assessment of candidates
  • During the 2-3 days you will have two interviews in Keble, with different tutors. These interviews are carried out separately and it won’t be until the end that all the tutors come together to make their decisions
  • A geographical article will form the basis of the discussion in at least one of the interviews. You can pick the articles up 30 minutes before your interview in order to prepare. You can see an example of the article used in the mock interview. In the interview, you will be asked to summarise and extract key arguments from the article and do some data response tasks. The data analysis component is usually followed by a more general discussion. The second interview is likely to take a more open format.
  • Once you have had your two interviews, you may be requested to go for a third interview at a different college. If this is not the case, then you are free to go home. Importantly, if you are requested to attend an interview in another college, it does not necessarily mean you have not been accepted at Keble. You will be able to stay in Keble until all of your interviews have finished.

Getting a place

  • If you are successful in being offered a place, it will be conditional on you attaining your offers (A*AA or equivalent). Or, if you already have your grades your place is offered unconditionally. You will be notified in early January.

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