Past Academic Achievements

Keble Geographers have achieved well above the odds in comparison with other Oxford colleges taking Geography. The following students have recently been awarded the Gibbs Prize in Finals for coming top of their year group in Geography (including all colleges):

Gibbs Prize Winners

  • James Macadam (2009)
  • Duncan Bullock (2007)
  • Michael Alliston (2004)
  • Abigail Stone (2003)

Keble Geography Firsts


Year Finals Mods/Prelims
1979 Hirst
1981 Robinson
1982 C. Warren
1983 Hicks
1984 C.R. Warren D. Higgitt
1986 Barnett M. Little
1987 D. Higgitt N. Fowler
N. Castree
A. Ward
1988 M.Little V. Copley
T. Davies
N. Fowler
N. Castree
M. Evans
P.F. Kelly
M. Quinlan
C. West
1990 V. Copley S. Cannell
1991 M. Evans
P.F. Kelly
M. Quinlan
C. West
B. Christophers
1992 S. Cannell R. Perkins
R. Stott
1993 B. Christophers
J. Coates
J. Horrocks
1994 R. Stott M. Higginson
O. Plumridge
1995 J. Horrocks
1996 R. Perkins
S. Ure
1997 A. Fox K. Robbetts
J. Hayhurst
N. Brier
S. Guest
S. Whittaker
1998 J. Allen
A. Lea
S. Ure
S. White
F. Miller
R. Stretch
1999 J. Hayhurst B. Luse
N. Pozo
2000 F. Miller
K. Robbetts
T. Reekie-Solomon
2001 N. Pozo G. Reynolds
A. Stone
A. Gibson
2002 N. Huggett M. Alliston
J. Partridge
2003 G. Reynolds
A. Stone
A. McGee
F. Mitchell
2004 M. Alliston
J. Partridge
2005 A. McGee D. Bullock
D. Mueller
E. Mackenzie
2007 D. Bullock
E. Mackenzie
M. Cole
J. Macadam
2008 S. Hampton
H. Pearce
A. Potter
N. Lynch
2009 M. Cole
J. Macadam
J. Stockton
K. Lewis
K. Whicher
2010 N. Lynch
M. Hawcroft
S. Milburn
F. Bacon
D. Guo
2011 R.Armstrong
2012 B.Cook C.Duckworth
2013 E. Allen-Mersh
E. Thomson

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