The Coronavirus and Mobility Forum

I wanted to share a research forum with you, which went live today at University of Oxford: The Coronavirus and Mobility Forum

In the video available on the site ‘What can researchers do to help?’, Prof. Biao Xiang states ‘We wish we could all become doctors overnight, but we’d can’t’ and goes on to discuss what social scientific researchers can do in making their tools, concepts and understanding accessible to the public to make sense of what is going on. This is likely to be a highly dynamic and very interesting fora of communication in coming weeks, from a social scientific perspective. The two short blogs that are already available (under New and Media), by Biao Xiang and by Ou Ning, provide a lively set of concepts that will be familiar to you from your geographical studies: chains (networks) and enclosed spaces, mobilities, drones, war, digital infrastructures, migration, health and borders.

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