Meet our Tutors

Richard Washington

Richard Washington

Hello, I’m Richard, one of the tutors in Geography at Keble. Thanks for looking at our website! We hope you find useful information here, but if you don’t, please do feel free to get in touch

I teach mainly physical geography and my research is in climate science. My undergraduate university was in Durban. I worked at the UK Meteorological Office before coming to Oxford and, before that, at the University of Cape Town. For more information on my research work you can visit my homepage.

Beth Greenhough

IMG_2606 copyHi, I’m Beth, also one of the tutors in Geography at Keble. I joined Oxford in September 2014, having previously lectured in Geography at Queen Mary, University of London. I teach human and environmental geography here at Keble (and at the School of Geography and the Environment), reflecting my wider research interests in health and disease, medical research (and its impacts) and human-environment relations. For more information on my research work you can visit my homepage. I always welcome queries from interested students, so if you have any questions feel free to get it touch at


Fiona Ferbrache

Fiona Ferbrache

Welcome to our website. I’ve taught human geography at Keble since 2011 alongside teaching and lecturing in other Oxford Colleges and departments. My research spans two different fields: international migration and citizenship; and urban transport (rail and bus systems). Most recently I’ve been exploring the experiences and impacts of Brexit on British citizens living in other EU countries which you can read more of here, and you can find out about my transport research here.  Please get in touch if you have any questions:

Sam Hampton

Hi I’m Sam. I teach on the Environmental Geography course here at Keble. I’m currently studying for a PhD in energy policy, looking primarily at how policy can help to cut greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the business practices of millions of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the UK. Prior to this I worked as a sustainability consultant, on EU grant programmes and for large UK businesses like Waitrose and Tesco. And before that, I was a geography undergraduate student at Keble!

You can find out more about what I think about climate and energy policy on my blog, at or on Twitter at @samhampton.

Please also feel free to get in touch with any questions about the Environmental Geography course, or if you’re considering sustainability as a career.


Callum Munday

Hello, I’m Callum, one of the Physical Geography tutors at Keble. My main research interest is in African climate science, and for my PhD I am trying to understand how the southern African climate system might change in response to global warming. I was also an undergraduate in the School of Geography and enjoy most things geographical.
You can read about more about my work and other African climate research in Oxford at
Feel free to get in touch with any questions:

Former tutors: 

Ali Rogers

Previously responsible for Human Geography in Keble, Ali Rogers is now Senior Tutor of the college. You can read more about his work at the  college and departmental websites.


James Palmer

In 2015, James took up a new role as the SoGE Course Director of the Nature, Society and Environmental Governance Masters. We wish him the very best and hope he’ll pop in to say hello from time to time.


Jerome Mayaud

Hello, I’m one of the Physical Geography tutors here at Keble. I’m currently studying for a PhD, looking at the interactions between vegetation and wind in semi-arid deserts. Prior to this I was an undergraduate at Oxford and did a Masters in Polar Studies at the University of Cambridge. You can read more about my research here, or if you have any specific questions it would be great to hear from you:


Joe Gerlach

Joe departed Keble in August 2017 and now lectures in Bristol.

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